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Sigma Microsystems Private Limited

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Sigma Microsytems is a AS9100 Rev D certified company, by NQA USA, accredited to UKAS
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USB I/O  Cards:


1. USB based  64 I/O TTL Module

- Eight ports each 8 lines

- Self or external powewred

-24 mA sink source ability for line if programed as O/P 

- Port wise In put or Out put Programble 

-Provision for self test

- Windows and linux drivers


2. USB based  24 In puts and 24 Out puts  Rs-422 parallel differcial port lines Module

- Three ports each 8 lines

- Self or external powewred

-RS-422 compatable Inputs and outputs 

- Windows and linux drivers


3. USB based  CAN  Module

- Two CAN bus interfaces

-  Programble  Std speeds

- Supports all Bus mode 

- USB  or external powewred

- Windows and linux drivers