Sigma Microsystems Services

Powerful solutions leveraging COTS technology

Designing an embedded system frequently involves a set of boards, with different functionality. As computing requirements increase, designing and realizing the main computing boards becomes increasingly complex and time-consuming, due to design-complexity.

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State of the art Design with end-to-end solutions

Sigma provides design and development services on the range of embedded platforms, based on Microprocessors, Digital signal processors, FPGA and associated peripherals. Our designs leverage the latest technologies, established industry standards and engineering practices to realise robust products with high reliability. 

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Innovative Software Solutions

Sigma provides complete range of Software development and IV&V services, on both embedded platforms as well as on PC / computer platforms.

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Procurement and Sourcing

 Well-established process for purchase and outsourcing

 Approved Vendor system, with vendor-evaluation, ratings and re-evaluation

 Identification and sourcing of MIL / industrial grade components

 Direct procurement of components from manufacturers, distributors and authorized dealers, with certificate of conformance (COC) / test certificates.

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