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Sigma Microsystems Private Limited

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Sigma Microsytems is a AS9100 Rev D certified company, by NQA USA, accredited to UKAS
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Sigma Dual 21060 SHARC based Module Print E-mail
  • Stand-alone architecture, with bus expansion, for embedded applications.Image
  • DualADSP SHARC 21060 @ 40 MHz
     • On-chip memory
     • On-chip link ports
     • On-chip synchronous serial ports
  • External Memory
     • 512K X 8-bit boot PROM
     • 512K X 48-bit external RAM
     • 512K X 32-bit external RAM
     • 8K X 16-bit input FIFO (Expandable)
     • 8K X 16-bit output FIFO (Expandable)
     • 4K X 16-bit Dual port RAM
  • Peripherals
     • 16 input port lines
     • 16 output port lines
     • Dual ADC with 12-bit resolution, 100 KSPS
     • Four channel DAC, with 12-bit resolution
  • Two asynchronous serial port, with RS-232/ RS-422 interface
  • Standard extended Double EURO size
  • JTAG port support
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