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Sigma Microsytems is a AS9100 Rev D certified company, by NQA USA, accredited to UKAS
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Operator Interface to the Superheterodyne ReceiverOperator Interface to the Superheterodyne Receiver
Auxiliary Display Unit (ADU) has been designed, manufactured and deployed for use on submarine platform. It acts as an operator interface to a Superheterodyne Receiver.
Using the ADU, the operator can program the Receiver to scan the frequency spectrum of 8000 - 18000 MHz. The receiver can be programmed to adopt different search strategies like SCAN and STEP, with different values. Lockout frequencies can also be programmed from ADU.
In addition to enabling the configuration of the receiver, ADU displays information reported by the receiver, which includes track information (i. e. frequency spectrum), along with applicable parameter values including RF attenuation, IF attenuation and IF bandwidth. ADU also accepts direct video pulse and displays the same in time domain display, representing both the PRF and PW traces, with programmable sweep rates.
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Key features:
  • Operator interface to Superheterodyne Receiver Processor
  • Designed and manufactured for deployment on submarine platform
  • Supports Spectrum Domain Monitoring (SDM) and Time-Domain Monitoring (TDM)
  • Provision to program the SHRXP for SCAN, STEP and LOCKOUT strategies
  • Spectrum Domain Monitoring
Frequency versus Amplitude plot, with three plots and additional zoom plot
Range: 8000 - 18000 MHz
Programmable plot range, with programmable zoom
Displays SHRXP settings of Scan / Step, at any given frequency / band
SHRXP performs SCAN / STEP strategies and reports the signals
  • Time Domain Monitoring
Provision to view a selected signal in time-domain mode
Displays PRF and PW traces, with programmable sweep rates
Displays present parameter values: RF / IF Attenuation and IF BW
Enables updating parameter values, to observe updated signal characteristics
  • High-speed (100 MSPS) data acquisition card
  • Custom-designed membrane keypad for functions and data entry
  • Provision to connect standard IBM PC keyboard
  • 10.4" LCD display, with adjustable brightness, contrast and viewing angle
  • Wide temperature range
  • Provision for printer connectivity
  • MIL grade round-shell connectors for external connectivity,
  • BNC connector for video pulse
  • SMPS (115VAC / 230VAC @ 50 Hz / 400 Hz)
  • Standard 19" rack mounting, with 4U height
  • Fully qualified unit for required environment, including EMI/EMC
  • Cooling with inlet / exhaust DC fans
  • Dust-protected EMI / EMC resistant honey-comb filters
  • Aluminum enclosure, with frame structure and machined front-panel
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