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Sigma Microsystems Private Limited

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Sigma Microsytems is a AS9100 Rev D certified company, by NQA USA, accredited to UKAS
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  • Philips ARM LPC2294 @ 40MHz
  • Memory
     •  EPROM: 512K X 8-bit
     •  CPU Internal Flash: 256 KB
     •  CPU Internal SRAM (16KB)
     •  Flash EPROM - 32MB (8M X 32-Bit)
     •  1MB (256K X 32-Bit)
     •  Serial EPROM (256K Bits)
     •  Disk on Chip: DOC 2000
  • Communication
     •  Two serial ports, one with RS-232 interface, one with RS-422 interface
     •  10 MBPS Ethernet port
     •  One USB 2.0 port
     •  Two CAN bus ports
  • Peripherals
     •  RTC with DS 1307
     •  Internal configurable I/O (28), including parallel ports, SPI, PWM, ADC and Timers)
     •  External I/O: 2 programmable
     •  Timer/counters and 1 programmable
     •  Peripheral interface
     •  Eight analog inputs, using internal ADC
  • Single +5VDC Power Supply
  • Terminations
     •  Standard 96-pin EURO Connectors
     •  RJ-11 connector for serial ports
     •  RJ-45 for Ethernet
     •  USB Connector
  • JTAG interface for software development
  • Standard double EURO
  • Bus expansion
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